21 February 2017

English Summary by Francesca

Bill - I love Italy: is one of my fave countries. I love its food and people. They are beautiful in-and-out. I always feel welcome there.

Bill - Finally we have full control of our lives and our artistic side, where we live and what we do. We're at our best now.

Bill - We are going to play a very old song on Tour. We haven't played this song for more than 10 years.

Bill - At the moment we're prep last things for the upcoming Tour. I think we'll be on tour for the whole year.

Bill - After Dream Machine Tour we'll be back in USA & we'll be a little bit around the world playing at some music festivals.

Bill - I don't know what will happen next: we have to finish the book, keep on writing music, band documentary will come out later this year

Bill - I never get the inspiration from other artists but it usually comes from things I experienced myself. I write about what I love.

Bill - Talking about sound it's like a journey. Last album was more directed on sales/marketing, Dream Machine is more free and surreal.

Bill - This is our best album: 10 songs & just us 4 in the studio. We came back to the past when we were alone in the rehearsal studio.

Bill - Our fans grew up with us, support us & come to our concerts. It's nice: it's like a lifestyle we share with them. We're a big family.

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