13 April 2016

Important Things about "BILLY is not OK" EP

1. According to BILLY, there will be art exhibitions in LA, Berlin, Paris and Milan. 
2. He will play the whole EP and also show us the video/short film he taped for "Love Don't Break Me." 
3. Bill about his new "Diamond" tattoo: "just needed to fill in the space." 
4. When he is asked about "why BILLY?" he explains it's because only his mom and that person he was in a relationship with called him that way. 
5. "Why Billy is not OK?" He explains it's because sometimes he feels like we all are not okay sometimes and it takes courage to say "I'm not ok." 
6. Bill admits that he writes and creates better when he's not okay. That's why he's incredibly grateful that this horrible relationship happened. 
7. Bill wrote and recorded the songs when he wasn't feeling okay, that's why the EP is called "Billy is not OK." 

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