10 December 2015


Q: Tom,if you had a chance to be in a movie with Georg,which would be and why?
A: 2 boys and a cup...

Q: I never get a reply, only the same people have luck everytime so bye
A: bye ;-)

Q: Bill, wie trinkst du deinen Kaffee?
A: schwarz

Q: Georg, u're the only without tattoo/piercing or without color hair. would you like color you hair or make a tattoo/piercing?
A: no i don't think so...;-)

Q: What is the meanest thing you have done (on purpose /not on purpose)?
A: we never do mean things!!!

Q: Will you release a DVD from FIA world tour ?
A: we're not planning on releasing a DVD for the FIA Tour. Did you see the Show?

Q: I have a birthday today, can you congratulate me please it will be the best present
A: Happy Birthday Dasha! Hope you have an amazing day! Get fucked up and celebrate yourself!

Q: Georg! Can we count on your pole dance in the next tour?
A:  of cause if the others allow me to...

Q: Tom, if you were offered to play a role Jesus would you accept the role?
A: depends on the $$$

Q: What is your favorite Disney Princess?
A: Pocahontas

Q: Can we get more info about ?
A: Yes! On the next episode of Tokio Hotel TV!!!

Q: What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
A: getting coffee (Bill and Tom), smoking (Georg), smoking and coffee (Gustav)

Q: Bill, do you consider yourself as a good dancer
A: answered on TH TV

Q: When will solo video of Bill??
A: next year! Coming up soon! haha

Q: Have you ever been to a hotel in Tokio?
A: Of course

Q: Wie geil, die gibt's ja immer noch.
A: Mensch, lang nichts mehr von dir gehört... Ha!

Q: What is your wallpaper in your phone?
A: Bill: A childhood picture of Tom and me, Georg: my Buddy, Gustav: Just black!

Q: Gustav, what's your favorite christmas candy?
A: candy bacon

Q: Georg, didn't you consider making a wig with your hair when you cut it? I would've bought it tbh
A: still have them. I'll think about it...;-)

Q: After what happened in France (Bataclan), are u afraid to go back on stage ? :(
A: No!

Q: ??? A: If he's happy!

A: no he will join the army of the white walkers

Q: Georg, tell us about your favorite music! What is your favorite artists/songs?
A: my favorite song right now is Chet Faker & Marcus Marr with The Trouble with Us

Q: What's your favorite place for holidays?
A: Mexico!!!

Q: Tom, if you were to learn a new musical instrument, which one would it be?
A: there are no instruments left!

Q: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?2
A: Bill:300 , Georg: 54, Tom:80, Gustav:27

Q: Who do you think should be the king of the iron throne?
A: Arya Stark

Q: What is your favorite movie during Christmas ?
A: AAAAAaaah The Family Stone

Q: Will you watch Star Wars 7? Gustav??? Thank you guys!! :D
A: No.

Q: ???
A: No more slaughtering of animals.

Q: when we will see a shirtless photo of you all?
A: probably never :-)

Q: Bill, what's your fav songs from "25" Adele?
A: water under the bridge

Q: well, Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle?
A: rainbow

Q: Will you ever make merch for pets? I would totally buy something for my little boy.
A: Bill: I feel like we should do that!

Q: you never answer me, a "ciao" is enough. At least tomorrow i'm going to university happy lol
A: ciao...;-)

Q: Did you start working on the next album?
A: We are constantly in the studio so yes... Right now we are mostly working on Bill's Solo project though.

Q: Georg do you buy this again this year?
A: I already have a better one!

Q: What do you think about Ariana Grande?
A: She's cute!

Q: big ass or big boobs?
A: Gustav: big belly

Q: Junk food or healthy food?
A: junk food... wish it would be different though

Q: What's the difference between Gustav & Winnie The Pooh?
A: Gustav is Poohping more often...;-)

Q: what do you think of weihnachtsmärkte?
A: we all love Weihnachtsmärkte!

Q: Bill, would you ever dye your hair a 'crazy' colour?
A: i actually want to do it ...

Q: George did you have any striptease lessons ???)))
A: no! its natural talent!!! ;-)

Q: though I haven't succeeded, at least I've tried. Good night, Jungs ;-) Maybe I'll be lucky next time.
A: good night!

Q: Kann mir mal jemand sagen, was "Candy Bacon" sein soll?
A:  Bacon glazed with sugar!

Q: Bill, are you OK with Gustav slapping your ass?
A: Oh I LOVE IT!!!

Q: What did you think when you had only German fans at the FIA Meet&Greet in Kiev?
A: we think it was a crazy german sausage fest :-))))

Q: I'am a unicorn
A: Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn!!!

Q: Do you like Christmas hot wine ?
A: yes german "Glühwein"

Q: How many selfies do you do before share it on IG?
A: answered in the next Tokio Hotel TV episode...;-)

Q: Euer liebstes Trinkspiel?
A: Bums

Q: Will you continue with the packages thing in the next tour? ILYSM!
A: Yeah we will!

Q: we've made 10 000 km to see u this year ! Please say BONJOUR to uuuus
A: Bonjour!!!!

Q: so I'm not a lucky person! Good night guys !
A: good night lucky one

Q: Do you want one day make some show in Africa?
A: yeah.. that would be cool!!!

Q: What did you miss the most when you were touring?
A: our dogs.

Q: Would you do Bungee jumping?
A: not really...but tom and me are gonna go skydiving soon


Q: Guys, do you read the comments and messages Instagram?
Bill: yep...reading right now ;-) 

Q: Could you please just wish me good luck for an important test that I have tomorrow [...]
Bill: Good luck to you!!!!

Q: What were your favorite cartoons as you were kids?
Bill: Glücksbärchis :-))

Q: Do you like game of Thrones? 
Bill: yes!!!! I watched the last episode last night...so exciting 😱

Q: Do you like Madeon?
Bill: He's my favorite!

Q: What's your favorite car brand?
Bill: Porsche 🚗

Q: Send me nudes! ;) You speak with others who have the bigger penis?
A: you send nudes first!

Q: If you had to erase one of your songs forever, which one would you choose? Devilish songs don't count!
Tokio Hotel: reden!

Q: What’s your favorite song at the moment? Either from your own music or another artist? Bill: high enough to carry you over of churches

Q: Will you play in Hamburg next year? Tokio Hotel: Hopefully!

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