16 October 2015

Q: In one of the restaurants you ate meat. Why? You`re vegetarians. 
Tom: No, there were really much meat, Gustav ate meat because he does, but we didn`t, we always have another variant:  soup with spinach, shrimp, but not meat.

Q: Bill, what should i do to appear in your music video? How much does it cost?
Tom: It doesn`t mean money, one of the variants is to send us your photos on Instagram, we need different types, try it, maybe it will work.

Q: Are you going to obtain Russian citizenship like Fred Dirst? 
Bill: I want to highlight that we love Russia, russians are great, they try their best to make us feel comfortable. I would obtain Russian citizenship with oleasure, is it easy?

Q: Bill, you look like Jared Leto акщь 30stm. Is it a coincidence or kinda imitation?
Bill: Maybe it`s him who looks like me. I think it`s a coincidence, we often converse and we have similar tastes and style. It wasn`t purposefully.

Q: With whom of the childhood stars would you go on tour?
Bill: David Bowie, i always liked him, i love his music and my favourite movie is “Labyrinth”.
Tom: I think i would pick David Hasselhoff. You gyus don`t know David Hasselhoff? Georg is his huge fan. I would go on tour cuz of him, we would have fun.

Via Liebesinger

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